C O M P A N Y H I S T O R Y & P R O F I L E

Ms. Chanya Sawangchit founded Sa-nguan Charoen Metal Co.,Ltd, in 1984, as a pioneer trading in all kinds of construction steel to various projects. Subsequently, in 1989, P.Overseas Steel Public Co., Ltd. was incorporated. Presently, its authorized capital amounts to Baht 800,000,000 (eight hundred million Baht), with Brigade Prachak Sawangchit as its Chairman and his wife, Ms. Chanya Sawangchit as Managing Director. P.Overseas Steel Public Co.,Ltd. and Sa-nguan Charoen Metal Co.,Ltd. merged. Since its incorporation, the company has committed and determined to be a distributor of quality steels with excellent service. As a result, the company has always been trusted by its customers.

In 2004, another subsidiary has been added, i.e.P.Overseas International Group Co.,Ltd.,as a distributor of all kinds of cement and concrete. Both P.Overseas Co.,Ltd. and P.Overseas International Group Co., Ltd. are pioneers in trading of construction materials, steel and cement, as well as brick - blocks. Its success in selling to many various projects brings about trust from both public and private sectors. The many projects supplied are : Suwannaphum Airport Project, Bangkok Ring Road Project, Bangna Bangpakong Expressway Project, Donmuang Toll Way, S C B Park, Fashion Island, Land&House Project, All Seasons Place Building, Ministry of Sciences, Ministry of Commerce, Suphalai Place, Central Rama 2, Central Festival Phuket, Chang Cylon Patong, Phuket, including various main roads in Bangkok its perimeters and the provinces.

The company and its subsidiaries have grown and developed rapidly with an increase in its turnover from a few hundred million Baht in 1989 to expected to be more than Baht 20,000 million currently. This shows that P.Overseas Steel Public Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries have gained trust and confidence from customers to supply construction materials to projects and Magaprojects until project completion.